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  • Breaking the Taboo: Talking Honestly about Social Class and Status

  • Musical Explorers: The International Hit Song with a Twisted History

  • Who Decides What is Human...The Corporations, Clones or Chimera? A brief interview with Susan Kuchinskas, author of the mind-bending new novel Chimera Catalyst

  • The Pundit: The Value of Men's Lives

    Fall 2017 More Content Magazine

    Music from Oranj Productions

    33 Years After the Original Release, the Artichoke's Album is Finally Available Again on CD and On-line

    064's musical collaboration with author/lyricist/vocalist John Shirley Now Available on CD and On-line

    Oranj Productions Releases Funkadelicatessen: Live and Loose in Berkeley

    Oranj Productions Releases Rare Videos from the multi-media group Process (1987-1999)

    Rare Steve MacKay Music Video Now Available

    Who is 064? The Music and Performance Bio

    Music by 064 (solo recordings)

    The Seething Brunswicks (music)

    (the real) Process

    Improvised Music

    Music Commentary and Information

    Musical Explorations: A Fun Introduction to Country Music for Those Who Think it Sucks (Part One)

    Musical Explorations: Musician Mark Wieder Picks A Dozen Covers Better Than The Originals

    Why the Vinyl Record Fad is Bad for Consumers and Musicians

    Audium: San Francisco's Unique Theater of Sound Sculptured Space

    Acid: Fun and Easy Music Creation Tool

    Remembering Saxophonist Steve Mackay (Stooges, Violent Femmes, Commander Cody)

    LA Plastic Surgeon offers Breast Implants with Auto-Toon Vocal Pitch Correction Devices

    The Thirteen Purposes for Music

    Thirty Four Essential Electric Guitarists

    A Guide to the World of the Baritone Guitar

    How to find good music on the radio in the San Francisco Bay Area

    The Problem with Music Critics

    Political and Social Commentary

    The Pundit: Genocide in the Philippines, Cruelty in Dog Breeding, Recommended Reading and Election Information Blues

    The Pundit: Comments on the November 2016 election

    Update to Trends That are Destroying Our Freedom

    The Pundit: Miscellaneous Thoughts on Clowns, Disposible Crap, Greed, Hypocrisy and More

    The Pundit: The Realities of Freedom and Human Rights Part 1: The Origin of Human Rights The Pundit Recommends: "Life Isnít Fair. So why do people behave as though it is?"

    The Pundit: The Left, Spirituality, Alternative Beliefs and Pseudoscience

    The Pundit: Who's the Victim: Men or Women?

    The Four Most Significant Threats to Our Freedom and Democracy and How to Stop Them

    A video profile of "golden age" porn star Juliet Anderson, AKA Aunt Peg

    The Pundit: Did President Bush II Appease Bin Laden?

    The Pundit: Most Liberals are Wrong About Citizens United

    Just How $leazy is Willie L. Brown?
    Pt. 1 The Post-Mayoral Years
    Pt. 2: As San Francisco Mayor
    Pt. 3: In His Own Words

    Who is Destroying the Internet?

  • The Pundit: Why We Should End Government Support for PBS
    Pt. 1: Top Ten Reasons

    Pt. 2: A Case Study: Cancer Whitewash

    The Pundit: Why the Sexual Revolution Was Necessary

    The Pundit: How to Identify the Best Candidates for Public Office

    The Pundit Recommends: 6 Ways to Keep Terrorists From Ruining the World by David Wong.

    Why does the West fear Islam so much?

    A Rational Alternative to the Current Drug Laws

    Who are the Gnuths and what do they believe?

    Are patriotism and faith the problem or the solution?

    A Manifesto for the Consenting Adults Movement

    Art, Media and Other Topics

    50 TV Shows You Really Should Watch

    "Our panel of experts spent hundreds of hours exploring the deep recesses of television shows available on cable and dish TV, streaming internet sites such as Netflix and Amazon, and on DVD or Blu-Ray discs. We returned with this list of the best of the somewhat lesser-known television programs released in recent years... continue story

    Lurid Banned TV Show Shot by Real Criminals Now Available Online!

    Gail Morrrison: Insects as Art

    Occupied: Provocative New TV Series on Netflix

    Twenty Secrets to Great Coffee

    Friends, Family and Allies

    Remembering Saxophonist Steve Mackay (Stooges, Violent Femmes, Commander Cody)

    Bassist Bruce Fraser, R.I.P. 1954-2006

    Sam Freeman, R.I.P. 1925-2006

    Artist and Writer Susan Kuchinskas

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