Who are the Gnuths and what do they believe

Who are the Gnuths and what do they believe?

The ancient symbol known as the Gnuth functions as a reminder that there is more to life than duality; that there is often one or more alternative paths that can be taken.The solid circle in the middle represents the obstructions that can keep us from perceiving all of our options.

The Ancient Order of Gnuthis not a cult or a religion, it is a society that celebrates tolerance and diversity. The Gnuths believe in respecting all of the world’s belief systems (except for the infidel Varnees and we don’t really trust the Masons either). The Ancient Order of Gnuth is not a secret society although many of the Gnuth’s beliefs are revealed only to members whose donations exceed ten thousand dollars. The Ancient Order of Gnuth is not a mere social club although the Order is famous for havng awesome parties with excellent exotic substances and hot babes.

Little is known about the earliest years of the Gnuths , but the symbol has been found in the caves of Lascaux , the pyramids of ancient Egypt and on the Great Wall of China. During the early days ofthe Roman Empire captured Gnuths were used as lion feed during the downtime between events at the Coliseum. Many of the Gnuth’s beliefs were incorporated into several now defunct religions and for a time it was thought that the Gnuths were assimilated into extinction. However the Gnuths remained a popular target for persecution during the Inquisition and the Salem witch trials. A revival of interest in Gnuth theories and philosophies spurred the leaders of the American revolution and many Gnuthian symbols can still be found on U.S. currency. (The use of a powerful magnifying device is required to perceive the hidden symbols.)

After the infamous Richmond incident in 1799 the Ancient Order of Gnuth went underground and appeared to be dormant during most of the 19th and 20 centuries until it was revived by a elite group of lotus-eating U.C. Berkeley Philosophy and Transportation Engineering professors in the early 1970s. It is believed to be the influence of the Transportation Engineering professors that lead to the symbol being adopted to represent traffic circles in Berkeley. This linkage is highly appropriate since the Gnuthian belief system, like the traffic circles, is often considered obstructive, confusing and somewhat dangerous.

The Ancient Order of Gnuth renounces all forms of violence and terrorism unless it is for a really good cause. (such as exterminating the Varnee vermin) Although there are many sects of Gnuthism, with varying interpretations of the sacred literature, there is only one true Ancient Order of Gnuth . Every year a Board of Elders is convened to determine which updates and corrections to the Canon of Immutable Beliefs should be accepted. Any former Gnuth member dissenting from our orthodoxy of love, tolerance and diversity is considered a Varnee and is a suitable target for annihilation.

This Symbol of Gnuth was found in the ruins of an Assyrian library believed to have been built in the 6th century B.C.

Our Supreme Vice-Patriarch, the late Jack Tucker, at the September 2006 Berkeley Parade.

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