Rare Steve MacKay Music Video Now Available

March, 2016 A rare video from 1983 for the song "Ground Zero" by Steve Mackay's Carnal Kitchen is now available online for the first time on YouTube and this website. The song is from Oranj Production's Seaside Curios Compilation EP from 1983.

Tenor sax player Steve Mackay was a member of the Stooges and played with Commander Cody, Club Foot Orchestra, Violent Femmes, Ibilly Bibilly, the Artichokes and many others. Mackay sings and plays tenor sax and is joined by Kevin Hayes on drums, Alex Baum on bass, Brad Bailey on guitar, and Paul Rogers on keyboards. The background vocals were done by the members of Ibilly Bibilly; Michael Charnes, Bill Scott and Paul Scott.

The video was created by 064 Freeman while Steve was out of town touring Europe with Snakefinger. Found footage and a video of Steve performing with Mitch Wood's Rocket 88s were used in the video.

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