An ongoing series of improvised music sessions have been hosted by 064 Freeman since 1980. The sessions include seasoned San Francisco Bay Area players with backgrounds in jazz, rock, funk, country, electronic, experimental and blues, including members of the Artichokes, the Seething Brunswicks and Funkadelicatessen.

The styles and sounds of these sessions has shifted and evolved over the years, incorporating elements of experimental music, free form improv, industrial noise, funk, jazz, electronica, avant rock and jam oriented rock. A common thread has been a fondness for the late 1960s-early 1970s electric music of Miles Davis and a love of James Brown. Session host 064 describes one of the key techniques he picked up from a lifetime of listening to artists such as Miles Davis, James Brown and Bill Laswell; "give the listeners a good beat and they'll follow your music anywhere."

The songs Jazz Scare and Avalanchian were recorded on October 24, 2016 and features 064 on electric guitar, Mike Villareal on drums, Eric "Steiny" Steinberg on electric bass and Andy Orford on trumpet and sax.

"A Stylist You Can Trust" an improv recorded in 2003 featuring 064 on electric guitar and rhythm loops, Wendy Bauer on vocals, Bruce Fraser on electric bass, and Neal Cronin on electric guitar.

The Players

The players have included:

Drummers Richard Freeman, Mike Villareal, Darren Potter, Linda Donahoo, Steve Bauer, Otto Huber, David Jayne, Bill Scott, Kevin T. Smith and Mark Pilkanis

Bassists Eric "Steiny" Steinberg, Phil Robyn, Jim Lynch, Eddy McLay, Paul Lynch, Mark Weider, Oscar Westesson, Paul Scott and Bruce Fraser

Keyboardists Craig Bonner, Zach Veley, Will "Blue Fire" Grant, Alan Phillips, Baron Storey and Brian Douglas

Sax players Andy Orford, Ishak King, Bill Sparks, Chris Broderick, Bonnie Kane and Steve Mackay

Guitarists Craig "Bonzo" Bonner, Neal Cronin, Michael Charnes and Elliot Easterly

Trombonists Ron Heglin and Johannes Mager

Vocalists John Shirley, Craig "Bonzo" Bonner, Neal Cronin, Wendy Bauer and Phil Potestio

Percussionists Paul Scott, Betsy Morris, Michael Kohl and Damien Hernstrom

These players have all jammed with us at least a couple of times, but doesn't mean that all of them endorse our activities and the resulting sounds, so don't hold it against them.

Guest artists are occassionally brought into the fray. If you are interested in participating,
e-mail us with some information about your interests and background. We are also open to collaboration via e-mail.

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