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Bassist Bruce Fraser died from lung cancer on December 16th, 2006. Bruce was well known for his books and articles on Photoshop and digital color management, but his first love was music, especially playing improvised music on the electric bass. For more information on his musical life, especially the years prior to 1980, go to the Bruce Fraser Legacy music page. For details on other aspects of Bruce's career and life go to the Bruce Fraser Legacy home page.

Shortly after coming to SF in 1980 Bruce joined the Artichokes. The Artichokes resembled a rock band and played several San Francisco Bay Area clubs during the early 1980s, including the Mabuhay, On Broadway and Keystone Berkeley. The Artichokes' sound was described by Calendar magazine's Mimi Chen; "Propelled by squalling babies, chicken noises, and balloon rubbing, the Artichokes take the mundane and twist it into something bizarre."

Dissatisfied with the club scene, the Artichokes began producing their own multi-media shows and gradually mutated into a free form electronic music collective. The group stopped playing live after a large fire occurred during a performance, but kept playing in the studio weekly (except for vacations and illnesses) until Bruce became ill during the Fall of 2006ľa total of twenty-six years of jamming!

Bruce also played with Ibbilly Bibbilly and another Oranj Productions band, Process, which played a blend of post-industrial funk and electronica rhythms, psychedelic improvisation and poetic lyrics.

Bruce was a great bass player who was usually the glue (or in many cases the luke warm water) who held the music together. He was also a very generous (especially with the herbals) and funny guy who inspired us with his deep love of music.

This is the original brief autobiography that Bruce provided for the Process website:

Scottish bassist/stickman Bruce Fraser played with 064 in the Artichokes, is a member of the not-yet-legendary Ibbilly Bibbilly, and has collaborated with Phil Potestio and Johannes Mager on many informal improv/noise/therapy sessions. He was prevailed upon to join Process in 1993 on the rationale that he could be the next token British type. (Replacing vocalist Carola Baer) He has played bass throughout his entire adult life, and Chapman Stick for the last nine years, leaving a slew of failed bands on both sides of the Atlantic. A pick-up gig with new age luminary Paul Winter in 1979 left him with the uncontrollable urge to produce loud, harsh, metallic noises whenever possible, an urge that Process occasionally manages to keep in check for as long three minutes at a stretch.

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