Plastic Surgeon offers Breast Implants with Auto-Toon Vocal Pitch Correction Devices

February 30, 2016

Wesley Robins, MD, a cosmetic surgeon based in West Hollywood, has announced the availability of the “Diva” line of breast implants containing a hardware version of the popular Auto-Toon pitch correcting technology. Auto-Toon technology is able to correct the pitch of imperfect singers and can also be used to create the obviously electronic sounding vocal effect that is frequently used in contemporary pop music.

“I have provided breast enhancements to so many aspiring pop singers that I thought it only made sense to use the space available in the implants to provide an electronic device that would further enhance the performer's career. After discussing the possibilities with many of my clients we determined that Auto-Toon would be the most useful product for today's starlet.

Robins spent the last several years working with medical electronics technicians to reduce the size and weight of the device. His team also developed a method for dividing the electronics into two sections with equal weight so that the breasts will remain symmetrical. The pitch correcting effect can be activated or adjusted with a simple press or twist of the left nipple.

Currently, Diva breast enhancements are only available from Robins’ surgery center, but he has plans to make the product available to an elite group of licensees during the February 2016 Cosmetic Surgery Conference. Robins explained his plans in a recent press release: “We will be providing transportation to our West Hollywood surgery center from the convention hall in Anaheim so that we can demonstrate how easy it is to work with the Diva product line. During the conference we will be able to train and certify qualified surgeons with just one three-hour hands-on training session. Our goal is to certify a surgeon in every major market by the end of the conference.” At a recent press conference Robins would not name any users of the Diva technology, but he hinted that several vocalists have earned gold records since receiving the implants. He also suggested that the product has been seen on several of the popular talent shows on network television in both the USA and Great Britain. He refused to discuss speculation that a version of the product is being developed for male vocalists.

Antaries, the manufacturers of Auto-Toon, would not comment on Diva except to warn potential purchasers that the hardware would not be covered by the company’s warrantees due to the modifications required to use their technology in the breast enhancement product.

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