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October 2015

The Secret to Finding Good Music on the Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area

A lot of people complain that there is no good music on the radio. Wrong! There is still exciting new music being made and there is still good music on the radio. You just need to search around a bit. We provide the treasure map.
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The Artichokes: Best Unknown Band of the 1980s?

"Propelled by squalling babies, chicken noises, and balloon rubbing, the Artichokes take the mundane and twist it into something bizarre."
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Why does the West fear Islam so much?

I do not believe that the United State's elites genuinely fear Islam. What they fear is resistance to corporate imperialism. It is a portion of the public that fears Islam....
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Exposed! The Truth About the Baritone Guitar's Murky Origins

There are at least three stories circulating about the origins of the modern baritone guitar...
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Free! 064 Returns From Exile with New Music and Comedy Recordings

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