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Does British writer and guitarist Paul Day have the world's best baritone guitar collection? If you know of a better collection, please let us know.

Make, Model, Year, Country of origin:

ALDEN, Surfrider, 2003, China
ALDEN, Taurus, 2003, China
ERNIE BALL MUSIC MAN, Silhouette Bass, 1993, USA
BURNS, Wild Dog prototype one-off, 1965 UK
BURNS LONDON, Barracuda (mk.1), 2003, Korea
BURNS LONDON, Barracuda (mk.2), 2005, Korea
DANELECTRO, Dano 63, 2008, China
DANELECTRO, DB-1, 2001, Korea
DANELECTRO, Hodad, 2001 Korea
DANELECTRO, Longhorn, 2006, Korea
DANELECTRO, Longhorn 3 modified by Paul Day (Longhorn Baritone neck), 2006, Korea
DANELECTRO, Longhorn 58-LH modified by Paul Day (hardware), 2002, Korea
DANELECTRO, U3 modified by Paul Day (DB-1 baritone neck), 2001, Korea
DE ARMOND, Bajo-Jet, 2000, Korea
FENDER, Jaguar Baritone Custom, 2005, Japan
FENDER, Jazzmaster modified by Paul Day (Allparts baritone neck), 2003, Japan
HOHNER CUSTOM EDITION Hollywood Bass VI, 1994, Korea
LINDERT, Twister-S Bass VI, 1998, Korea
LTD (ESP), HB-300, 2002, Korea
MUSICVOX, Spaceranger modified by Paul Day (hardware), 1998, Korea
OLP , MM-5 Silhouette-style , 2004 n China
PEAVEY, EXP V-Type Ltd Edition one-off prototype, 2002, Korea
PRS, SE Mike Mushok Baritone, 2008, Korea
SCHECTER, Diamond Series Hellcat VI, 2005, Korea
SQUIER (Fender), 51 modified by Paul Day (Allparts baritone neck), 2005, Indonesia
JAY TURSER, Taurus, 2003, China
DANELECTRO, Dead On 67, 2009, China
DANELECTRO, Innuendo, 2001, Korea
HOHNER CUSTOM EDITION Hollywood Bass VI (mk.2), 1994, Korea
LTD (ESP), GL-600FB, 2003, Korea

and a note from Paul regarding amplification:

"..pedal steel combos make ideal go-louder companions, as they usually employ a 15-inch speaker, comprehensive EQ facilities and expansive reverb. In addition, they don't disort, which makes them perfect for old school baritone sounds and playing styles. I use and can recommend appropriate amps from Evans, Peavey and Randall, also the old Gibson Lab Series L9."

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