Just How $leazy is Willie L. Brown? Pt. 3: In His Own Words

April, 2016

Yes, Willie L.Brown actually went on stage dressed like this. (More Content Magazine modified the background)

"...If people knew the real cost from the start, nothing would ever be approved. The idea is to get going. Start digging a hole and make it so big, there’s no alternative to coming up with the money to fill it in..." Willie Brown, July 2013

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“I’ve never been recognized even close, in terms of importance…” San Francisco Examiner, February, 2014


Willie Brown on the Bay Bridge naming honor: "…It's an inspirational symbol to young people -- in particular, young people of color,’ [After t]he state Senate on Thursday voted 26-7 to give final approval to name the older, western span of the Bay Bridge after the celebrated but controversial former San Francisco mayor and state Assembly speaker….” San Jose Mercury News, September 2013


“News that the Transbay Terminal is something like $300 million over budget should not come as a shock to anyone. We always knew the initial estimate was way under the real cost. Just like we never had a real cost for the Central Subway or the Bay Bridge or any other massive construction project. So get off it. In the world of civic projects, the first budget is really just a down payment. If people knew the real cost from the start, nothing would ever be approved. The idea is to get going. Start digging a hole and make it so big, there’s no alternative to coming up with the money to fill it in.” SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle), July 2013


“I’m just delighted that my 8 years are coming to a close...every day you stay on this job you build one more enemy, one more ingrate” October 2003 Willie Watch, December 2013


“I thought yesterday's vote was a continuation of the public's desire to treat politicians as if they are not necessary, period. As a matter of fact, I think the public has the idea that anybody can do the job at any time without any experience. The public does not understand the need to build relationships...As a result of that, they will impose upon politicians all kinds of limitations on conduct that they think might bring better quality persons to be the person trying to make the decision.”Governing.com February, 2008


“…..take Caroline Kennedy, who looks like she's in line to get Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate seat in New York. If she goes to the governor, David Paterson, and tells him, "I'm Caroline Kennedy, and I have distinguished myself. And I am able to raise a ton of money" - and he appoints her - is there a quid pro quo if she then goes and raises money for him?

I'm not sure. But I do know that those are the kinds of things that come up in discussions about whether a politician will or won't appoint someone to a job. From the public's perspective, it's not pretty. Most people condemn that kind of this-for-that talk. But the reality is, I'm not going to look among my enemies to find the best-qualified people. I'm going to look among my friends, my previous supporters - or people I want to turn into my supporters. That's all part of the democratic system. Whether Blagojevich went beyond that is open to question.

Don't get me wrong. If Blagojevich did anything inconsistent with his sworn duties, or tried to use the appointment to financially benefit himself or his wife, then he should cut his losses, resign and end the embarrassment.

But if his bargaining over the Senate seat was for political gain, not financial benefit, then he ought to hold tight. “ SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle), December 2008


“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to check his Mr. Clean image at the door and get down to the business of pulling California's budgetary bacon out of the fire.

If he needs to pass taxes, he should concentrate on the state Senate first. He needs only two or three Republican votes there. Once he gets Senate approval, the pressure will really be on for the Assembly to follow suit.

But to get those Senate votes, he first needs to assess whom he can ask for a vote - because you must never ask people to do something inconsistent with their own best interests. He should go to the termed-out members and find out which ones are going to be out of politics for good and which ones are just taking a break. Find out how many of them are seriously looking for work.

Then, get out the appointment list. There are spots on the Integrated Waste Management Board, the Medical Board, the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. Then you start talking.

But make sure you also meet with people you know won't vote with you, no matter what. Tom McClintock, for example. You know you're never going to get his vote for a tax - but the meeting serves as cover for when you meet with your real targets.

And whatever you do, don't say a word about any of this until you have all of the votes lined up.

As for whatever damage Arnold's image may suffer from looking like a wheeler-dealer - well, let's just say it's a lot easier to explain how you solved a problem than to explain why you failed.” SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle), November 2008


"You are full of shit! You don't know me, motherfucker, you don't know what a killer I am!" - Willie Brown to Supervisor Peskin, 2003 Willie Watch, December 2013


"I promise to fix the MUNI in 100 days" - Dec 1995 [Editor’s note: he didn’t fix MUNI] Willie Watch, December 2013


"It's always harder to work with liberals than conservative white folks," Brown said on May 10 in a revealing interview on KQED, the public television station in San Francisco. "The liberals think they know about your community, whereas with a man like Ronald Reagan, you can embarrass him more easily. And whereas a Ronald Reagan recognizes and respects the blacks' own power structure, Jerry Brown is the type who reaches in and pushes his own man." Willie Brown, A Biography by James Richardson, 1996

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