From 1987 to 2001, Process was the only multi-media performance group to provide top quality Post-Industrial Funk, Psychedelic Improvisation and Fake Ethnic Music designed to enhance any life style. Process, (also known as "(the real) Process" due to the appropriation of the name by some out-of-town wannabes) was formed December 1987 when 064 began working with vocalist Carola Baer. With a line-up featuring 064 and Carola Baer and bassist Shido, Process performed the Mind Control show at Artists' Television Access and Manipulation at Climate Theater.

In 1990 064 teamed with vocalist-saxophonist Phil Potestio to produce and perform I am a Drug Law Addict as part of the Hidden Apparatus is at Us series at Artists Television Access. Phil subsequently joined Process for Crisis by Process at the Folcrom, also in 1990. In 1991 Process, featuring 064, Carola Baer, Phil Potestio, Michael Stocker and former Brass Band founder Johannes Mager performed Wasting Time Worrying about the Wrong Things at 21 Bernice.

A later Process line-up featured 064 on guitar, synthesizer and drum machine with vocalist-saxophonist Phil Potestio, trombonist Johannes Mager and bassist-Chapman Stick player Bruce Fraser performed at several Bay Area nightclubs including Nightbreak, Kommotion, Spike's, Boomerang and Brainwash.

BAM magazine described their recording "You Know/Just Let it Be" in the March 11, 1994 issue:
"effectively combines quick tempos, tribal drumming, distant horns, and warped synthetic sounds to create a cyberdance indulgent treat" (Kent Lundberg)

In 2001 (the real) Process released the full length CD "Earth: The World's Most Dangerous Planet." The CD featured a blend of post-industrial funk and electronica rhythms, inspired psychedelic improvisation and passionately poetic lyrics. Kurt Loniak wrote in Demon Soundz magazine:
“the music on “Earth” suggests a freaky combination of Nine Inch Nails, Captain Beefheart, Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, Beck and Tom Waits, but (the real) Process has crafted a unique sound that is strangely powerful with surprisingly insightful lyrics

Smokescreen by Process

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