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Fall 2016

New John Shirley & 064 Recordings Now Available on CD and On-line

"...Singer, songwriter (Blue Oyster Cult) and cyberpunk author (‘A Song Called Youth’) John Shirley collaborated with guitarist-composer 064 Freeman (Artichokes, Process, Seething Brunswicks, Funkadelicatessen) to create three intense new songs with lyrics by Shirley and music by 064. "
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50 TV Shows You Really Should Watch

"Our panel of experts spent hundreds of hours exploring the deep recesses of television shows available on cable and dish TV, streaming internet sites such as Netflix and Amazon, and on DVD or Blu-Ray discs. We returned with this list of the best of the somewhat lesser-known television programs released in recent years... continue story

33 Years After the Original Release, the Artichoke's Album is Finally Available Again on CD and On-line

"Propelled by squalling babies, chicken noises, and balloon rubbing, the Artichokes take the mundane and twist it into something bizarre." wrote Calendar magazine's Mimi Chen in her 1983 review of the Artichoke's "I Live by the Freeway" album..."
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Musical Explorations: A Fun Introduction to Country Music for Those Who Think it Sucks (Part One)

"... Country western music was not among the first genres to draw my attention. I found rock, blues, funk and jazz much more exciting and attractive since I tend to prefer music with strong rhythm, humor, displays of instrumental virtuosity, individuality and originality. My entry into country was largely through the artists that had most obviously incorporated the influence of African American music, so the western swing sound.... . ..."
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The Pundit: Genocide in the Philippines, Cruelty in Dog Breeding, Recommended Reading and Election Information Blues

"With 3,500 people murdered so far, do any of our leading politicians have the courage to take action to defend the lives of drug users?""
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