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May 2016

(Illustration from Skepacabra)

The Pundit: The Left, Spirituality, Alternative Beliefs and Pseudoscience

..."We find it peculiar and sadly ironic that so many people on the left reject our culture's traditional religions and beliefs, but then choose to adopt other equally unproven beliefs and practices..." continue story

Oranj Productions Releases More Videos from 1980s band the Artichokes

Watch the videos

(Picture from Atomic Rockets)

Lurid Banned TV Show Shot by Real Criminals Now Available Online!

..."America's True Crime Stories was the first and only reality TV series to feature videos of crimes shot by the criminals themselves...the series was cancelled before the pilot aired in the wake of complaints from victim advocacy groups...the Ballad of John Boy and Annie features an impoverished rural couple that filmed themselves brutally murdering a travelling salesman and running off with his car and credit cards." continue story

The Pundit: Who's the Victim: Men or Women?

..."The feminist movement began with the premise that women are in an inferior situation compared to men. In our society, that was clearly true in the, men are the ones most in need of relief from the harm caused by sexism...." continue story

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