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April 2016

Free! Preview Ten Strippers, 064's musical collaboration with author/lyricist/vocalist John Shirley

Gail Morrrison: Insects as Art

Gail Morrison has been making impressive art for years and her work continues to evolve and has become even more unique and accomplished... Continue Story

New Release: "Swimming Upstream with Juliet Anderson"

064 Freeman's documentary profile of Juliet Anderson, AKA Aunt Peg, a leading star during the late seventies and early eighties "golden age" of porn. After leaving the business she continued to publicly advocate for healthy and free sexuality and the healing power of touch until her death in 2010 at age 71. In this video she tells her own story with excerpts from several of her films.
Watch the video

The Pundit: Did President Bush II Appease Bin Laden? ..."On April 29, 2003, Donald Rumsfeld announced that he would be withdrawing remaining U.S. troops from the country. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz had earlier said that the continuing large U.S. presence in the kingdom was putting American lives in danger..." continue story

The Pundit: Most Liberals are Wrong About Citizens United

...Few people realize that if the Supreme Court had upheld the law, unions, non-profits and grass roots advocacy groups would be silenced.... continue story

Just How $leazy is Willie L. Brown? Pt. 3: In His Own Words

This compilation of Willie Brown's quotes reveals many important clues. Find out

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