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February 2016

The Pundit: The Four Most Significant Threats to Our Freedom and Democracy and How to Stop Them

...A synergy of four trends is destroying our freedom:
1.The end of anonymous communication on the internet
2.Privatization of censorship
3.Discrimination in employment and education for expressing unpopular opinions or revealing lifestyle choices...
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Free Audio Preview: Early-Eighties Band the Artichoke's Rare Recordings to be Reissued this Spring

...Oranj Productions has released a free online preview of the upcoming remastered and expanded version of the Artichoke's "I Live by the Freeway" album originally released by Oranj Productions on audio cassette in 1983. The album contains all of the songs that the Artichokes recorded outside of their personal studio. ....continue story and hear the music

The Pundit: A Cure for Gentrification?

...Zoning and other laws have been used to exclude low income people from wealthier communities since zoning began. Now it is time to turn the tables. Gentrification in low income neighborhoods can be limited by using zoning laws to make the neighborhoods less desirable for wealthier people...continue story

Just How $leazy is Willie L. Brown? Pt. 1

This compilation of excerpts from fascinating and lurid news stories and editorials reveals many important clues. Find out

Occupied: Provocative New Norwegian TV Series on Netflix

...with the depth and quality to rank it way up there with the best video series such as Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under and the Sopranos.. ....
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Who is Destroying the Internet?

Have you noticed that the internet really sucks these days? Thanks to poor quality search results, slow page loads, pop-up adverts and pages that reload, bounce and reposition every few seconds, the internet is less stable and becoming more difficult and frustrating to use than ever before...continue story

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