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December 2015

Twenty Secrets to Great Coffee

...#7 You can not make coffee too strong. The stronger the better. If coffee is made with excess beans the grounds just sink to the bottom of the cup....#8 Weak coffee is more bitter than strong coffee because the bitter ingredients are over extracted from the beans when too much water is used...
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Thirty Four Essential Electric Guitarists

Every guitar enthusiast and player should investigate these 34 players that successfully created innovative and effective music, displayed exceptional skill and played with great emotional power, intensity and musicality. ...
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The Pundit: Why the Sexual Revolution Was Necessary

Some claim that the sexual revolution was harmful and has caused the decline of western civilization. Another common misconception is that the sexual revolution was somehow foisted on society by liberals, feminists, radicals, communists or hippies....
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The Pundit: How to Identify the Best Candidates for Public Office

The Questions You Should Ask About Every Candidate
#1 Who is backing the candidate? What are their interests?...
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