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November 2015

The Pundit Recommends: 6 Ways to Keep Terrorists From Ruining the World by David Wong.

It is as relevant now as ever before. I will provide a few excerpts, but I strongly advise reading the whole piece.
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The Secret Method for Evaluating Music or Any Other Art Form

It can be challenging when you are confronted with a genre or style of music (or other art form) that is not familiar. How can you tell which artists and recordings are best? We reveal the secret.
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Instrumental Rock Music Lives!

Instrumental music is a more important part of rock, country and R&B than usually acknowledged...
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The Pundit: Smart Opinions and Essential Facts for Our Times

The Pundit reveals who controls the world, the truth about Nazis and Christianity and comments on Planned Parenthood, education, equality and the political spectrum and much more.
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