A Brief Survey of Six Baritone Guitars

by British guitarist and collector Paul Day, June 2006

Burns Barracuda Baritone
Like the upmarket UK model, this Korean-made equivalent comes strung and tuned as an old-style six-string bass, contradicting the baritone title. It can be converted to match, although the 30in scale means sourcing suitably long strings and the neck is a bit beefier than some. The split scratchplates are typically Burns, unlike the Tune-o-Matic type bridge and through-body stringing. The three Tri-Sonic single-coils put in a powerful performance, while controls provide virtually all possible pickup permutations.
£399, Sutherland Trading 02920 887333, www.burnsguitars.com

Danelectro Longhorn Baritone
Somewhat surprisingly, Danelectroís earlier reissue range never included this characterful re-creation. The US original was a six-string bass, but this updated interpretation comes as a proper baritone. It still employs Masonite (hardboard) on ply, semi-solid construction, which keeps the kilos down, while the bolt-on neck carries 24 frets, spread over a 30in scale. Linked to simple circuitry, twin lipstick single-coils deliver suitably twangy tones and a modern six-saddle bridge offers accurate intonation.
£439, JHS 01132 865381, www.danelectro.com

ESP Ltd HB-300 Baritone
This one is ready-made for tuned-down heavy riffs and chords. The 27in scale, 24-fret maple through-neck is mated to a carved-top maple body boasting twin Duncan Designed humbuckers, through-body stringing and active boost. The ESP range is regularly revised and the HB-300 has recently been replaced by the essentially similar MHB-400 (£699), the only major differences being a single-sided headstock and active EMG humbuckers. Examples of the HB-300 should still be around though, possibly for less money.
£599, Selectron 01795 419460, www.espguitars.co.uk

Fender Jaguar Bass VI Custom
This Japanese-made model was formerly (and inaccurately) entitled the Jaguar Baritone Custom. Itís still officially intended as an E-tuned, old-style six-string bass, but can easily be converted into a baritone via suitable re-stringing and tuning. This role makes better use of the twin single-coils, while a 28.5in scale length and nicely shaped neck provide easy playability. Those wanting a modern alternative should check out the companion Jaguar Baritone HH, toting twin humbuckers and simplified circuitry.
£599, Fender GBI 01342 331700, www.fender.co.uk

Music Man Silhouette Bass
This features the same compact body as the standard Silhouette, likewise the six-saddle bridge. Body-mounted electrics comprise twin DiMarzio humbuckers, governed by master volume and tone, plus a five-way selector and rotary series/parallel switch. Music Manís trademark 4/2 headstock tops a bolt-on maple neck that employs a scale length just short of 30in and this model is equally effective as a baritone or an old-style six-string bass, when strung accordingly and tuned all the way down to E.
£1565, Strings & Things 01273 440442, www.stringsandthings.co.uk

Schecter Diamond Series Hellcat VI Baritone
From the Korean-sourced Diamond Series, this is the baritone version of the standard Hellcat six-string, featuring the same retro-flavoured styling. Like Burnsí Barracuda, itís supplied as an old-style six-string bass, but easily becomes a proper baritone, although again the 30in scale means seeking some lengthy strings. The bolt-on, maple neck partners an alder body carrying three humbuckers plus a TonePros locking bridge and tailpiece, while circuitry spans a five-way selector plus master volume and tone (with coil switch).
£399, Sound Control 08700 67 2922, www.schecterguitars.com


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