A Guide to the World of the Baritone Guitar

A list of baritones available since the 1950s
Including Baritone guitars and Bass VI type instruments.

This list was compiled by British guitarist, collector and writer Paul Day.

He wrote "I don't claim this is a complete or definitive round-up, but it provides a pretty fair idea of what's been offered since the 1950s."

1950s (5):

Danelectro UB-2 6-string bass
3612 Short Horn 6-string bass
4623 Long Horn 6-string bass
Silvertone (Danelectro) 6-string bass
Spiegel (Danelectro) 6-string bass

1960s (29):

Burns Split Sound Bass (6-string bass)
Coral Wasp W2B6 6-string bass
Conrad ??? 3-pickup 6-string bass
Danelectro Dane D series D2B6 6-string bass
Demian (Teisco) VN-2 2-pickup 6-string bass
Epiphone Newport 6-string bass
Fender VI 6-string bass
Framus 5/166-52 Bass Guitar 6-string bass
5/166-52gl Golden Bass Guitar 6-string bass
Gibson EB-6 6-string bass (semi)
EB-6 6-string bass (solid)
Futurama (Hagstrom) Coronado 6-string bass
Hagstrom Coronado 6-string bass
Hofner 500/10 6-string bass (semi)
188 6-string bass (solid, 4/2 headstock)
188 6-string bass (solid, in-line headstock)
Klira 366 Saturn 6-string bass (semi)
Major (Jacobacci) Ohio Guitare Basse Electrique 6-string bass
Maton El Toro (baritone adaptable)
Vampyr 6-string bass
Noble (Teisco) TB-64 6-string bass
Rickenbacker 4005-6 6-string bass
Teisco TB-64 6-string bass
VN-2 2-pickup 6-string bass
??? 3-pickup 6-string bass
??? 4-pickup 6-string bass (reverse body)
Valiant (Teisco) VN-2 2-pickup 6-string bass
Vox Cougar 6-string bass
Wurlitzer (Welson) ??? 6-string bass

1970s (4):

Micro-Frets Signature baritone
Stage II baritone
Shergold Marathon 6-string bass
Modulator 6-string bass

1980s (1):

Veillette-Citron Shark Baritone

1990s (37):

Alembic Orion baritone
Burns London Barracuda 6-string bass
Chandler 555 Baritone
Metro Baritone
Austin Baritone Custom
Danelectro DB1
De Armond Bajo Jet
Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Bass
Eyb M727
Fender (Japan) VI 6-string bass
Fender (US) Bajo Sexto
Ferrington Dinotone baritone
Gus GB4
Hohner Custom Edition Hollywood Bass VI (mk.1)
Hollywood Bass VI (mk.2)
Jerry Jones Baritone
Longhorn Bass 6
Shorthorn 3-pickup baritone
Lindert Conductor Bass VI
Diesel-S Bass VI
Diesel-T Bass VI
Franklin Bass VI
Greenback Bass VI
Locomotive-S Bass VI
Locomotive-T Bass VI
Skyliner Bass VI
Twister-S Bass VI
Twister-T Bass VI
Victor Bass VI
Neptune (Jerry Jones) Longhorn 2-pickup baritone
Shorthorn 3-pickup baritone
Novax Baritone
Veillette Mk 1 Standard Baritone
Mk 1 Custom Baritone
Mk 1-CR Baritone (made in Czech Republic)
Versoul Raya Baritone
WD Deep Six

2000s (109):

Abstract Baritone Nero
Agile AB-3500
Alcatraz Baritone
Alden Surfrider
Tom Anderson Baritom Classic
Baritom Drop Top Classic
Baritom Pro Am
Aria Bamont BB-500
Bamont BB-1000
Aslin Dane Teaza Baritone
Ernie Ball Music Man BFR John Petrucci Baritone
Bell & Head Gothic Dream baritone
Burns London Club Series Barracuda
Citron Baritone
Crafter Crown Bt
Danelectro Hodad Baritone
Innuendo Baritone
6-String Bass
Baritone & Guitar Double-neck
Danelectro (2nd series) Ltd Edition Baritone
Ltd Edition Longhorn Baritone
Dano '63 Baritone
Dead On '67 Baritone
De Pinto ???
Dragonfly B6
DS Montana Demon baritone
Eastwood Phoenix (as Taurus)
Sidejack 2-pickup
Sidejack Deluxe
Epiphone Les Paul Baritone
ESP Ltd FB-200
George Lynch GL-600FB
Horizon HB-300
Horizon MHB-200
Horizon MHB-400
Horizon MHB-401
Viper VB-200
Viper VB-300
Viper VB-400
Fender (Japan) Jaguar Bottom Master JGB-95SFZ (SS, with built-in fuzz)
Jaguar Bottom Master JGB-95HFZ (HH, with built-in fuzz)
Jaguar Baritone Custom (SS, with/without built-in fuzz)
Jaguar Bass VI Custom 6-string bass
Baritone Special (HH, shorter scale)
Fender (US) Bass VI 6-string bass
Sub-Sonic Stratocaster
Sub-Sonic Telecaster
Fernandes Ravelle Limited Baritone
Revolver Limited Baritone
Fury Fireball
Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone
Gretsch Spectra Sonic C Melody Baritone
Electromatic G5265 Jet Baritone
Gus G-1
Halo Squid V Baritone
Hamer Monaco Sub-Tone
Ibanez AX110XL
MM1 Mike Mushock Signature model
Italia Modena D’Man
Jackson Dinky DK27 (HH)
Johnson Paula baritone
JP-BLP baritone
Jerry Jones SC Baritone (3-pickup)
Michael Kelly Patriot LoBoy Archtop Baritone
MJ Roadster Baritone
New York Pro ??? 335-style 2-pickup baritone
Onyx Forge Custom Baritone
PRS SE Mike Mushok baritone
Renaissance RS-6-B
B.C. Rich Bich Archtop Baritone
Robin Ranger Bass VI baritone
R.O’M. Custom Tele-type
Rumley Western baritone
Schecter Standard Series A5-X (five-string)
Standard Series C5-X (five-string)
Blackjack Series C1-EX
Diamond Series Damien EX
Diamond Series Hellcat VI
Diamond Series Scorpion
Diamond Series Scorpion Tribal
Diamond Series Scorpion Elite Tribal
Scorpion Hellraiser Baritone
Tommy Lee Artist Baritone
Soares’y (Portugal) Acoustic-electric Baritone
Squier Sub-Sonic Stagemaster
Steinberger Synapse Transcale ST-2FPA
Teigen Baritone
Timtone Custom
Jay Turser Taurus
??? baritone
Typhoon TY02
Vogel Balance Baritone
Washburn Mercury Baritone
W168 Idol baritone
Washburn (Custom Shop) Pulverizer
Waterstone Laura Lee baritone
WaZoo Custom-built baritone
WSL BaryBone baritone
Yamaha AES-AD6
AES 820 Drop 6
RGX 429S-D6 Drop 6
RGX-TT Drop 6

Additional One-Offs, Prototypes etc.:

Burns Wild Dog prototype
G & L Leo Fender prototype
Elloree One-Off Baritone
LKV Bass VI custom
Peavey EXP V-Type Ltd Edition prototype
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