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I figured I'd introduce you to another brand making baritone guitars. I've attached pics of some 28" 6 and 7 string baritones from Vagina Guitars. Yes. It's a real company. If you want to know more details, let me know.
Vagina Guitars

Great site on all things baritone. One that has been missed out, and comes out of the same factory as Eastwood, is Coxx. I have one. The only difference from the Eastwood stoptail model is that the Coxx has thee P90 style pickups, a five way switch, one volume and one tone knob. It's great.

I love my flat wound strings on my jazz guitars, but am having difficulty finding a set of flat wounds for my Hagstrom baritone I just purchased. It is a 28-inch scale length. I was wondering if you could tell me if a set of heavier gauge D'Addario Chromes made for regular guitar would work for my baritone guitar. I checked the string sizes for my baritone guitar, and it looks like the Chromes would work, except I'd need to buy an individual Chrome string for the low B, which they do sell them that way, too. Anyway, it looks like it might work, but am not sure of the geometrics of it all. I know that the scale length, of course, is longer, but strings always have a good bit extra on them anyway that we end up cutting off. Any guidance would be appreciated!

My reply: has the best string selection of strings I have found. They have baritone D'Addario strings, but not chromes.

Your plan sounds fine if you can get a low string close to .62 guage or lower. You can buy one of D'Addario seven string set to get the low string. D'Addario D'Addario seven string set

Dir En Grey guitarists both use extended scale 7 string guitars, primarily.
Rhythm guitarist(Die) uses 27 scale guitar
Lead guitarist(kaoru) uses 26.25 if I recall correctly

Finger Wee

Hi Mike
Does anyone have any info on strings? Especially 30 inch ones?
Tone Control

Editors comment: has the best selection of strings I have found.

Hi Mike
My contribution is:

Fender Blacktop Baritone Tele
Around £500. Made in Mexico.
Good build quality except for a fixable error on bridge placement on the one I bought. I would think this was unusual SSH: 2 Lipstick-style tele neck pickups and a humbucker, all quite cheap ones though, Chinese-made my luthier thinks, and not standard size – the scratchplate needed routing to take the Fender SCN and N3 replacements I fitted.
I believe the 27 inch scale is too short for real baritone. This guitar sounds best with 12s or 13s, tuned D to D

K Yairi YB-1
Nice quality Japanese made, around £1500
All solid woods, the top is a little thicker than a Goodall or similar (4mm rather than 3mm, say), so not as loud or responsive. At 27.5 inches, The neck is too short for full baritone I think. This guitar sounds best with 13s, tuned D to D

Alan Arnold: Beltane
Alan is a luthier in South-East England. These are about £2400
This guitar sounds amazing, a 29 inch neck. Works very well with Elixir Baritone set. Uses a wound 3rd string – I replaced that one. Alan recommends using a medium set, discarding the top string, and buying a 68 bottom string
I fitted an Element piezo, bottom end is amazing through PA/monitors

Patrick James Eggle
Saluda Baritone, List price £3000
Well-made, but not a long enough neck, so best used C to C or D to D, does not have the tone of a Goodall, Arnold, Lowden

Obviously, these are all based on my underlying finding that 27 inch scales with 16-70 strings (12-68 for electric) don’t sound very guitar-like, whereas 29 inch necks sound nice with those strings
Tone Control

I came across your website today and I see you are interested of being notified about guitar players who play baritone but you haven't got listed on your site.

She Rules My World - Nick Harper Taken from the DVD 'Love is Music' (A Film by Mike Last) 2007 Recorded live in Wiltshire 2007

Well the person I am thinking of is Nick Harper. He plays a Lowden Electro Acoustic a 023 model but it has been customised from the saddle pickup and internal mic to the banjo machineheads that feature in songs like "She Rules my World" He uses the tuning shown below as well as a few variations
He uses New Tone strings but I'm not sure what string gauges he uses as I haven't ordered a set yet but according to Nick, New Tone Strings will provide a 'Nick Harper" set on request. So once I get my first baritone I will be sending off for a set of Nick's strings.
All the best with your website I enjoyed reading all thr info you have there.

Hi there,
great website! Another famous player of the Baritone electric Guitar is of course: Glenn Campbell who used to play it on his hits: Witchita Lineman, Galveston etc Glenn is sadly now too ill with altzheimer's to perform-but he was great!
With Best Regards,
M.D. Gorman
Great website! MyJunk are a trio from Canada and have a baritone instead of a bass player. They won a Juno award for best blues album in April of 2012. The singer/baritone player is also incredible on the blues harp.

Regarding your request for information, the English singer-songwriter Steve Stig Denson uses a baritone guitar as his main instrument. He has just released a new CD which features the instrument heavily and which is due to be reviewed in Maverick Magazine. Cheers!


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I've been looking for a particular baritone guitar for a very long time. If you have, or know the whereabouts of a Tacoma Thunderhawk BM6C. They made both an acoustic/electric and just acoustic version. New, in 2003,they cost $899.99 so I imagine that they haven't become any cheaper. It is truly the most beautiful guitar that I've ever played. Please, please,please help me find this guitar; I am so tired of checking craigslist. I live in northern California but would willing to drive 1500 miles to purchase it. If you are aware any resources that might help narrow down the odds of finding this guitar or one VERY similar I'd be very greatful if you could relay that information to me.
Thank You,
Benjamin R (Editors note: send a mesage to me and I'll forward it to Benjamin)

I have placed an acoustic baritone guitar for sale on consignment at (Editors note: It has been sold, but the information and a picture are still on-line) It is a sort of gypsy jazz baritione guitar -- a true baritone, with very good bass response, not something that needs amplification. It is a high quality instrument. Link to the guitar. It is by no means limited to gypsy jazz; you can fingerpick it or flatpick it. Please add this guitar to your website.
Paul G

Dear Sir,
Schecter have recently expanded their collection of Bass VI-style instruments substantially:-
Schecter Hellcat VI
Schecter Ultra VI
Schecter Ultracure VI
Schecter Hellrasier VI

I was reading your page on "Who plays the Baritone?" and noticed Rick Danko was not on you list, he played the Fender Bass VI When he played in Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks.

From a website on The Band: " Both George Harrison and John Lennon used the six-string Fender bass on the White Album, Let It Be, and Abbey Road (McCartney stuck to the Hofner, Rickenbacker and 4-string Fender Jazz Bass.) Other notables known to have recorded using the Fender VI include Peter Green, Jack Bruce (Cream), Steve Kilbey (The Church), Eric Clapton (at least he owns one), and Robert Smith of The Cure, Listen e.g. to Smith's use of the Bass VI on several tracks on the Disintegration album from 1989, where the electric guitar only plays the off-beat chords, while the melody is played by Smith on a Bass VI. The result is a much spookier sound than provided by a guitar."

On a personal note I just want to say thank you for your web sight.

Interesting site well done! I had a read and it has some very good info.
My new baritone guitar is under construction specs are as follows: Scale length: 700mm or 27.56"
Nut: 53mm c to c
Bridge: 67mm c to c, custom made by Armadillo Texas
Neck depth: 28 mm straight through
Pickups: custom wound with 67 c to c bobbins. Tele style bridge, Strat style neck
Body thickness: 51mm or 2"
Builder: Phil Mailloux Bass
The amp head is being made by Ivan Richards audio and will have KT88 output tubes, the cabinet will have 55hz speakers.

I came across your baritone website and I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Gold Tone just came out with an affordable acoustic baritone guitar last year and we have been doing great things with it. If you have any questions about it, please let me know. Here is a link to our model: GBG-Baritone
All the best
Tommy Sivert
Artist Relations & Operations

Hello and Happy New Year, First of all, just want to say thanks for your baritone guitar website.
In case you haven't heard, Goldtone is just now coming out with a new baritone acoustic. I called the company and ended up talking to the owner about it and it sounds like it's gonna be pretty cool. If you call him he will send you a video/demo link (still private) of the instrument. They will add electronics/pickups to it if you want. I'm planning on getting one!
Best Regards,
Jim P. Annapolis, Maryland USA

I just found your website, and I think its great. I am currently having my local music store put a baritone neck on an American Telecaster, not cheap but fits the bill for what I want.
I wanted to add a couple of people to your list of baritone players. The first is Hayden Nichols of the Clint Black band. Clint's #1 song Killing Time features Haden playing one.
The Second is Richard Bennett that played in Steve Earles band The Dukes, he is listed as playing 6 string bass. Listen to the Steve Earle signature song Guitar Town.
Again thanks for a great website.

Hey, nice site, there is a need for this kind of info on Baritone Guitars, well i noticed you were asking for more about guitarists who play baritones as a primary instrument. Well i do, with my duo Project Wendigo, my main instruments are an Agile 3500 equipped with a hex pickup through a gr-33, and the guitar signal through a mesa boogie f-50, or a baritone tuned dean Palomino (not an instrument scaled to baritone). We do a mix of World music, rock, blues, funk, and pretty much anything else we want. Here is our Facebook follow the reverb nation link to hear some of our stuff, we also have a youtube channel

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Hear 064 on the baritone guitar with the Seething Brunswicks on the song "The Eighth Saga" (free streaming or downloadable song)

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