A Guide to the World of the Baritone Guitar-Available Baritones

Baritone guitars can be divided into two broad style categories; traditional and hard rock. The traditional style guitars are designed to be twangy, have single coil pickups and sport body shapes and other design elements that refer back to the late fifties and early 1960s. The hard rock style baritones are designed to sound and look hard and heavy, with humbucker pickups and more modern designs. The three baritones I own illustrate the difference. My Danelectro Hodad baritone looks retro, has lipstick-style single coil pickups, and is a twang monster. My Epiphone Les Paul is a hard rock machine with a stripped down look and humbucker pickups. I also have a Fender Strat baritone that is in the middle of the spectrum, with two single coil pickups and a humbucker in the bridge position. Despite the differences, I've found that all three instruments can be made to sound twangy or heavy, depending on the selection of pickups and amp settings.

Many custom builders will build baritones, but I did not include custom and boutique instruments on this list. I also excluded Bass VI style instruments (see chapter one for details), and seven-string "baritone" guitars.

The baritones below are listed by list price. Be aware that discounts from list price vary greatly, so you may find an instrument with a higher list price selling for less than a model with a lower list price.

Baritones currently available online (August 2012)

Six string electric baritones available new (not used) online as of August 2012. Prices, specs and availability frequently change, so verify this information before buying...

Danelectro Wild Thing Baritone Electric Guitar
MSRP: $449.00
$299.00 Musicians Friend, Guitar Center
$375.00 includes setup Danguitar.com

EastwoodSidejack Baritone STD (Stop Tail)
$429 myrareguitars.com

EastwoodSidejack Baritone DLX (Tremelo)
MSRP: $589.00
$469 myrareguitars.com

Fender Blacktop Baritone Telecaster Electric Guitar
MSRP: $739.99
$499.99 Musicians Friend,Guitar Center,Sweetwater, Music 123 Sam Ash $549

Gretsch Guitars G5265 Jet Baritone Electric Guitar
MSRP: $750.00
$525.00 Musicians Friend, Guitar Center, Music123

PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone Electric Guitar
MSRP: $989.00
$642 Musicians Friend & Guitar Centeralso Music, 123 Sweetwater, Sam Ash $664

Epiphone Robb Flynn Love and Death Baritone V
MSRP: $1,499.00
$899 zzounds.com, Sweetwater

ESP LTD SC-608B Baritone Stephen Carpenter Signature Series
MSRP: $1,499.00
$1,049.00 Musicians Friend, Guitar Center

Gibson Limited Run Explorer Baritone Electric Guitar
MSRP: $2,279.00
$1,479.00 Musicians Friend, Guitar Center, Music123

Recently Available Baritones

It seems that most manufacturers do a limited run of a particular baritone guitar and then discontinue the product. As a result, baritone guitar models come and go more frequently than standard guitar models. In some cases a particular model may have been discontinued by the manufactured, but I included it on this list if it appeared to still be available as a new instrument from one of the major online retailers.

These baritones were found available in the last several years and some may be found new, either online or lingering on a store's racks. If not available new, they shouldn't be too hard to find used.

  • OLP MM5 Baritone Guitar list $349 (The 30 inch scale allows it be converted to a Bass VI style six string bass guitar)

  • Agile AB-3500 Baritone $399.99

  • Danelectro Baritone Solid Body Electric Guitar list $599 (Closeout at Music123.com)

  • Michael Kelly Patriot Lo Boy BARITONE Solid Body Electric Guitar list $645

  • B.C. Rich Bich Baritone Archtop Guitar list $685 (very pointy)

  • Schecter C-1 EX Baritone Blackjack Guitar list $899

  • ESP LTD MHB-400 Baritone Electric Guitar list $899

  • ESP LTD VB-400 Baritone Electric Guitar list $899

  • Jaguar Baritone Special HH list $999 (sometimes called simply "Baritone Special." Fender's online catalogue says "adds massive humbucking tone to the classic down-and-dirty sound of the Bass VI and the cool early-’60s look of Fender’s famous Jaguar guitar." However it is tuned to B and has a 27" inch scale which makes it a baritone, not a Bass VI type instrument. In fact, Fender has a Bass XI reissue instrument available that has a 30.3" scale)

  • Fender Jaguar Baritone Electric Guitar list $999 (This one looks more like a traditional Fender Jaguar and has single coil pickups. Not listed on Fender's website, but I did spot it at music123's website)

  • Ibanez MMM1 Mike Mushok Signature Baritone Electric Guitar list $1066 (Staind's guitarist helped design it)

  • Jerry Jones Neptune Shorthorn® Baritone 3 pickups $1100, 2 pickups $1050, bigsby vibrato available as option fo an extra $150. (As of April 2011, Jerry Jones is retired and the Nashville factory is now closed. Most all the tools, parts, and machinery were sold. Jerry Jones made guitars and basses in the USA that were obviously inspired by Danelectros, but at a higher quality level and price.)

  • Jerry Jones Neptune Single-cutaway Baritone...three pickup model...$1100.00 two.pickup.model...$1050.00

  • Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe Baritone LE 2006 Solid Body Electric Guitar list $1128

  • Steinberger Synapse ST-2FPA TranScale Custom Electric Guitarlist $1749 "Play it open and it's a baritone (28-5/8 scale) roll the built-in capo up a couple of frets and it's a normal 25-1/2" guitar.)

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone Electric Guitar list $2118 (Pickups, wood and controls are the same as on a regular Les Paul Studio guitar, but it sure costs a lot more money)

  • Gretsch Guitars G6144 Spectra Sonic Baritone list $2500 (also includes Bigsby vibrato)
  • Additions and comments sent by our readers

    Hey great site cool info. but u forgot one baritone im holding it in my hands . jackson dk27 baritone dinky 27 inch scale.-vin seale

    Also, as far as scale length, dano baritone guitars offer a 29.5 in length neck, which seems to be unique to that brand name. -George West

    Hey just read the list of available baritone guitars, check out the Eastwood Sidejack Baritone/ Baritone deluxe. Pretty sweet guitar, not found on your list.-Sammich696

    Dear Sir,
    Schecter have recently expanded their collection of Bass VI-style instruments substantially:- Schecter Hellcat VI
    Schecter Ultra VI
    Schecter Ultracure VI
    Schecter Hellrasier VI

    My new baritone guitar is under construction specs are as follows: Scale length: 700mm or 27.56"
    Nut: 53mm c to c
    Bridge: 67mm c to c, custom made by Armadillo Texas
    Neck depth: 28 mm straight through
    Pickups: custom wound with 67 c to c bobbins. Tele style bridge, Strat style neck
    Body thickness: 51mm or 2"
    Builder: Phil Mailloux Bass
    The amp head is being made by Ivan Richards audio and will have KT88 output tubes, the cabinet will have 55hz speakers.

    Your feedback and questions will guide the future of this site. -Mike 064 Freeman

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    Your feedback and questions will guide the future of this site. -Mike 064 Freeman

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