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Currently Available Acoustic Baritone Guitars

This is a list of the acoustic baritones I could find online in September 2010. The baritones below are listed by price. Some of these are retail prices and some are list price. Be aware that discounts from list price vary greatly, so you may find an instrument with a higher list price selling for less than a model with a lower list price.

  • Avante AV-2 Baritone Acoustic Guitar: Solid North American Spruce tops with real scalloped bracing, mahogany back and sides, zero-Fret nut design for improved intonation and consistent string height, and Bass-compensated bridge for optimum bass and treble response. Electronics Optional. $589

  • Alvarez Yairi YB1 Jumbo Baritone: rosewood back and sides, bound ebony fretboard and headstock. $1,759.99

  • Taylor Baritone 6-String Grand Symphony Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Tuned from B to B. $2,999.00

  • Taylor 8-string baritone acosutic GS: "Complements the baritone's lower tonal range by pairing two octave strings with the third and fourth strings." Indian rosewood body and Sitka spruce top, abalone soundhole rosette, a tropical American mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, a gloss natural stain finish, abalone dot inlays, an Indian rosewood headstock overlay, an Indian rosewood binding, an ebony bridge, and a bone nut and saddle. $3,199.00

  • Taylor Bari8 Cocobolo: 8-string Acoustic/Electric Baritone Guitar with Spruce Top, Cocobolo Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck, and Taylor Expression System electronics- Sunburst Natural. $5399

  • Santa Cruz Bob Brozman Baritone: slope shouldered D-shape, natural finish, German spruce top, beautifully figured koa back and sides (matching headstock overlay with pearl "SCGC" logo), 12-fret mahogany neck with slotted headstock, ivoroid-bound 18-fret ebony fingerboard, slotted diamond inlays, 1-7/8" nut width, 27" scale, ebony bridge, ivoroid-bound body and headstock, herringbone top trim and rosette, gold open geared tuners with butterbean buttons, built to be tuned down 1 to 1-1/2 steps. Available from Bob Brozman's website

    Small and Custom acoustic guitar makers known to make baritones:

  • John Kingslight
  • Lowden guitars
  • Marc Beneteau
  • James Goodall Guitars
  • Josh House

    Sorry, no links yet. You'll have to do your own searching for these:

  • Tony Yamamoto
  • Kingslight Guitars
  • Treebeard
  • David Berkowitz Guitars
  • Bischoff Guitars
  • Greenfield Guitars
  • Applegate Guitars
  • Galloup Guitars
  • AJ Lucas GuitarsBenjamin Guitars
  • Alberico Guitars
  • Mustapick Guitars
  • Paragon Guitars
  • Veillette Guitars
  • Turner Renaissance Guitars
  • Chris Larkin Guitars
  • Karol Guitars

    Links for reviews and more information on Acoustic Baritones:

  • Acoustic Guitar Community Forums
  • Acoustic Masters
  • The Guitar Sherpa

    Additions and comments sent by our readers

    I came across your baritone website and I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Gold Tone just came out with an affordable acoustic baritone guitar last year and we have been doing great things with it. If you have any questions about it, please let me know. Here is a link to our model: GBG-Baritone
    All the best
    Tommy Sivert
    Artist Relations & Operations

    Hello and Happy New Year, First of all, just want to say thanks for your baritone guitar website................ In case you haven't heard, Goldtone is just now coming out with a new baritone acoustic. I called the company and ended up talking to the owner about it and it sounds like it's gonna be pretty cool. If you call him he will send you a video/demo link (still private) of the instrument. They will add electronics/pickups to it if you want. I'm planning on getting one!
    Best Regards,
    Jim P. Annapolis, Maryland USA

    I have placed an acoustic baritone guitar for sale on consignment at Djangobooks.com It is a sort of gypsy jazz baritione guitar -- a true baritone, with very good bass response, not something that needs amplification. It is a high quality instrument. Link to the guitar It is by no means limited to gypsy jazz; you can fingerpick it or flatpick it. Please add this guitar to your website.
    Paul G

    I've been looking for a particular baritone guitar for a very long time. If you have, or know the whereabouts of a Tacoma Thunderhawk BM6C. They made both an acoustic/electric and just acoustic version. New, in 2003,they cost $899.99 so I imagine that they haven't become any cheaper. It is truly the most beautiful guitar that I've ever played. Please, please,please help me find this guitar; I am so tired of checking craigslist. I live in northern California but would willing to drive 1500 miles to purchase it. If you are aware any resources that might help narrow down the odds of finding this guitar or one VERY similar I'd be very greatful if you could relay that information to me.
    Thank You,
    Benjamin R
    (Editors note: send a mesage to me and I'll forward it to Benjamin)

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