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Now you can enjoy our content magazine-style. *New! November 2015: The secret method for evaluating music and art, instrumental rock music is still alive and well, and smart political opinions and essential facts from the Pundit!

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Who is 064? The Music and Performance Bio

Music by 064 (solo recordings) *A new song and comedy!? October 2015

The Seething Brunswicks (music) *Updated October 2015

(the real) Process *Updated! October 2015

Improvised Music *Updated! October 2015

The Artichokes *New! October 2015

Music Commentary

The Secret Method for Evaluating Music or Any Other Art Form

Instrumental Rock Music Lives!

A Guide to the World of the Baritone Guitar *New! A major revision to the Baritone's History October 2015

How to find good music on the radio in the San Francisco Bay Area *New! Updated! October 2015

The Problem with Music Critics

Political and Social Commentary

The Pundit reveals who controls the world, the truth about Nazis and Christianity and comments on Planned Parenthood, education, equality and the political spectrum and much more.
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The Pundit Recommends and quotes: David Wong's 6 Ways to Keep Terrorists From Ruining the World

Why does the West fear Islam so much? *New! October 2015

A Rational Alternative to the Current Drug Laws

Who are the Gnuths and what do they believe?

Are patriotism and faith the problem or the solution?

A Manifesto for the Consenting Adults Movement

Friends, Family and Allies

Bassist Bruce Fraser, R.I.P. 1954-2006

Sam Freeman, R.I.P. 1925-2006

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